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You’ll love our team of creative writers.
They are easy to work with and have a depth of experience second-to-none.
Our diversity of voices and writers means we consistently create great concepts that are on-brand.

Eddie B.

 photo_pamEddie brings an array of experience to the table in all industry aspects: producing, directing, writing, editing, videography, and lighting. He has success in creative design and planning roles, such as creative director, art director, casting director, and production manager. He’s excellent at transforming complex concepts into compelling and inspirational ideas easily grasped by a diverse viewing audience.

Eddie is an expert in his field, and I was delighted with the quality of the completed video. It looked as if it had been shot in a professional sound stage, when in fact it was filmed in a corner of a conference room at our office. I also want to commend Eddie for his refreshing down-to-earth friendliness and flexibility, which made it a genuine pleasure to work with him throughout the production process. You can trust Eddie to deliver great value and produce an excellent product.

-Vice President, Communications, MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals

Carol C.


 Photo of CJCJ is a life long creative, from her education at the American Academy of Art and early days as a popular comic actor in radio and TV commercials cast in NYC following the fabled Mad Man era, to her decade plus run as an in house voice talent and her daily tasks of commercial copy, stand alone features and synergy brainstorming as well as serving as the voice of the author for numerous NY Times best selling authors such as Patricia Cornwell, Lori Wilde, Margaret Maron and Janet Evanovich.

As the author of a number of produced stage shows, published essays, live spoken word collections and WGA registered screenplays. CJ brings experience, passion, a unique voice plus a wide ranging expertise in diverse disciplines to every assignment and opportunity to collaborate, contribute, or other wise facilitate a client’s success.

Carol (CJ) was first introduced to me after I read her genre bending comedy The Pollinators which I told her was "an Indie cult hit, waiting to happen”. Although the funding for that project fell through, I recognized a unique voice as a writer and a dedicated team player.

Since then, she has assisted with the writing for several projects at Dreamfly Productions, from guilty-pleasure reality television treatments to smart, family-friendly, sketch comedy writing, and she continues to show range, productivity and a flair for comedy and storytelling. A tireless creative, Carol has written several new screenplays and also an original stage musical — fully produced — all since we met.

Her writing deserves a larger audience, and I have every confidence she will make a lasting and worthy contribution to your writing and development program.

— Lisa Jenkins, Director and Executive Producer! Dreamfly Productions

We at Home Team Productions have known CJ for over thirty years. We worked together on her first video project, and have followed her stage shows throughout the years, participating in some of them with great pleasure; her craft was polished even early in her career, and her writing remains nimble, evocative, and thought-provoking. Oftentimes, it is also hilariously funny. I have had the privilege of seeing her most recent work, including MASTER STROKE and SIGMA DELTA DIE, and I believe her to be at the top of her game where screenplays are concerned. She has perception, passion, and perseverance, and her voice, as a woman over fifty, rich in life experience, exemplifies what is all too rarely seen on screen today.

I have enormous respect for CJ, and I know her scripts will speak for themselves. I recommend her highly.

— Stephanie Silber, Home Team Productions

Stephanie F.

 photo_pamStephanie is an HR professional with over 10 years of comprehensive human resources experience including recruitment and retention, conflict resolution, change management, and benefits administration. Developed through a strong business background in numerous industries, she is a well rounded collaborator with an understanding for business objectives and the importance and understanding for partnerships with operations, accounting, and sales teams. She has exceptional skills in organization, standardization and employment law including multi-state compliance. She posses a broad knowledge of human resources in a variety of sectors including coaching and training, multi-state and location management, franchise consulting, and self and fully-funded benefits administration, and corporate engagement.


Stephanie is a member of the Society for Human Resource Managers and the Dallas Human Resources Management Association. She is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources and holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas with some course work towards a MBA.

Frank G.

 photo_pamFrank brings versatility and strategic thinking to every project.  He’s tinkered under the hood of the entertainment industry, formally trained in broadcast journalism, and informally schooled in hook-you-in promotions and advertising.  He’s penned pithy headlines for print, witty dialogue for radio, and sharable content for digital spaces.  His work is impactful, on-brand, audience-aware, playful at the right times, and unexpected in all the right places.  Difficult clients?  Tricky source material?  Frank is a wily creative who’s up for a challenge and ready to exceed expectations.yinh

"Frank is an extraordinary writer for Society Life Magazine. In the 6 years I have worked with Frank, he has provided articles for the magazine that are written with the utmost professionalism and creativity. I often tell my clients that Frank has that unique gift of being able to "paint beautiful pictures with his words" that engage the reader in a very compelling way. And indeed, once an article is completed, my clients are extremely happy with the result. The level of his writing skills entices and then keeps clients coming back to our magazine; Society Life benefits greatly from his dedication to his art."

— Bernadette Bierley, Advertising Director at Society Life Magazine

“As my primary writer at Radio Disney, Frank goes above and beyond to understand exactly what I am looking for, ensuring that all messaging is not only on brand from Disney's perspective, but also that our clients' expectations are exceeded. Over the years I have worked with Frank, he has always been dependable, effective, collaborative and, most importantly, a pleasure to work with."

— Ashley Mitchell, Promotion Manager - Radio Disney at The Walt Disney Company

“I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Frank for many years. As an Account Executive, Franks role was crucial for me. He would take concepts and ideas and deliver a wonderful, creative and unique commercial, PSA or vignettes for fairly complicated clients. Frank always delivered on deadline with fresh ideas and out-of-the-box thinking delivering 100% satisfaction for clients. Franks approachable demeanor was always fantastic and reliable. He took the time to understand what the client needed and then spun it in a way that was right for the Walt Disney Co. and my clients. Frank is a team player and knows how to get the job done.”

— Maryanne Ciaraglia, Marketing & Communications Professional

Kyle G.

Kyle is the President of Gibson Communications. He has over 20 years of production and voiceover experience.  As a national producer for Radio Disney, he managed and completed production orders for markets including San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Miami. He has also worked as an on-air talent at radio stations in Houston, Washington D.C., Dallas and New Orleans.

As a voiceover artist, Kyle has done national commercial and industrial voiceovers. Some of his recent clients include Popeye’s Chicken, The Dallas Mavericks, The Texas Lottery, and Chili’s. He is currently represented by the Kim Dawson Agency and The Pastorini-Bosby Agency in Houston.

Kyle has also produced imaging and other special projects for syndicated national radio shows including The Tom Joyner Show and The Doug Banks Show.

We were looking for a unique voice to go with our computer animated character, Hype. Not only did Kyle do a great job with the script, but he also added some great ad-libs that brought the Mavericks fans to their feet!

— Matt Fitzgerald, Sr. VP of Marketing, Dallas Mavericks

Working with Kyle is always a pleasure and an inspired collaborative experience. Kyle is a great listener and audio interpreter of material, meticulous in his execution and timely with his delivery of projects. His seasoned professionalism helps to ensure that the work meets the needs of the client or collaborator and he's always willing to tweak, fine tune and polish with enthusiasm and follow through.
Vocally, he is a warm voiced "Everyman," skillfully using his years of voice over talent while still remaining down to earth, real, appealing and accessible. What ever your audio needs—editing, producing, voice, you will do yourself a favor by putting Kyle on your team.

— CJ Crittenden, Staff writer — Radio Disney, Cable Ace Winner, Audio Book Narrator

Kyle is a triple threat.  His voiceover work is relatable, his production is crisp and makes the copy shine, and his dedication to getting the job done on time keeps clients happy.  I’m always excited to start a new project with Kyle!

— Amber Cotton, Voice Actor

I've had the pleasure to work with Kyle for since 1995. Paying particular care to attention and detail, Kyle produces incredible products, not to mention his incredible voice. Be it commercials, liners sweepers or imaging, I've been able to count on Kyle to deliver. Not only does he do excellent work, Kyle has never missed a deadline. I'd highly recommend Kyle for any position to which he aspires, knowing his work product is absolutely the best.

— Freddie Bell, Radio Host KMOJ, New Beginnings KNTF,
Syndicated Freddie Bell Show; Professional Speaker

I was given the opportunity to work with Kyle for 8 years, and he was always the go to guy when production needed something done. Kyle's attention to detail and time management was a great asset to the team. He never missed a deadline, and his willingness to offer a hand helped the department run smoothly. With Kyle's positive attitude, I strongly believe Kyle will be a strong asset to any company.

— Reba George, Services Coordinator, Radio Advertising Bureau

Pam G.

 photo_pamPamela is the co-founder of Gibson Communications, Inc. A true go-getter, Pam has voiced numerous national commercial and industrial voiceovers for clients including The Texas Lottery, U.S. Steel, Pine Sol, Time Warner Cable and Mattress Giant. She is currently represented by the Kim Dawson Agency and The Pastorini-Bosby Agency.

As an accomplished writer and producer, she has created specialty programming for American Urban Radio Networks as well as ABC Radio Networks that have played on multiple formats across the United States.

"Pam did a wonderful job as a voice talent for us. We do legal and industrial audio that has long, tedious scripts full of legal jargon. Pam was able to blast through these quickly and accurately, often enduring marathon four-hour-long sessions. I would use her again in a nanosecond."

— Jim C., Producer

"Pam is always a joy to work with. She never fails to exceed the expectations of our clients, and has the versatility to give a producer variations of a script with little direction. She is prepared, professional, and punctual."

— Danny O., Producer

Bryan J.

 photo_pamWith a broadcasting and voiceover career that began over 30 years ago, Bryan has logged a long career on the air as an Air Talent, News Director, Morning Personality, and Radio Production Director in Western Massachusetts, Columbus Ohio, and as Production Director of WKCI/WELI/WAVZ in New Haven Connecticut. For the past 17 years, Bryan has worked as Network Production Manager, Creative Development Manager, kid actor/voiceover session coach/director, and Commercial and Character Voice Talent for the Radio Disney Network in Dallas, TX.

Bryan has written and produced thousands of radio commercials in the last 25 years for such clients as Disney, Macys, Chevrolet, Nintendo, JCPenney, Wal-Mart and many more. In addition to Bryan’s broadcasting career he has studied acting and theatre extensively, been a live nightclub DJ and performer, and has worked with many major talents in the broadcast and voiceover industry.

David M.

 photo_pamDavid is a versatile creative with diverse experience as voice talent, SAG-AFTRA actor, and copywriter. He excels in dynamic, innovative environments. In his 14 years as a copywriter he has become adept at facilitating discussions, conceptualizing and developing strategy for ad campaigns for products, and businesses. Career path has honed ability to research, listen and present ideas.
David is a media expert with a passion for developing compelling, entertaining, and informative scripts. He has written spots for JC Penney, Mall of America, KFC, Panera Bread Company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Way, Disneyland Walt Disney World Resort to name a few. He has also written for many small businesses as well. As an actor, David was a founding member for the Mirror Repertory Company in New York and studied with Geraldine Page.

He has also appeared in or voiced hundreds of commercials. His cast of characters include everything from a New Jersey Carpet Stain to a Scottish Horse to the King of England and everything in between. David is a mad scientist ready to go into his laboratory and come up with a formula to create results for his clients.

Emily M.

 photo_pamEmmeline is a writer, performer, composer, and all-around creative who was born and raised in Dallas, TX. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Music from Scripps College in Claremont, CA, and a Masters of Liberal Arts from Texas Christian University. Emmeline doesn't just study media, though; she makes it. She spent ten years working with top-notch innovators at The Walt Disney Company, creating promotional, commercial, and dramatic content for Radio Disney and its outside clients. She has also learned the art of entertainment as a musical solo artist, playing in a myriad of venues from California to Alabama and a bunch of states in-between. (You can hear her music at She is passionate about executing each client's individual vision, because she believes that everyone has something unique to say. You deserve to be heard. Let her help you cultivate your public voice.

You have been a true pleasure to work with and thanks for always have our backs.  We loved your creativity and I know the team appreciated all the effort you took to make each spot have its unique flavor.

— Stacey Bailey, Station Manager at Radio Disney Portland

I am telling you...clients LOVE her work!

— Marnie Cooley, Account Executive at Radio Disney Phoenix

Jim V.

 photo_jimJim writes, talks…and as an added bonus cooks! He's got decades of experience, from being a major market radio air talent, to top notch national talk producer to writing stellar copy, the past 10 years for the Walt Disney Company, all under tight deadlines. Jim takes pride in making clients shine, from local electricians to major car companies. If it's an audio format you're looking for, Jim can make your characters come to life. From pirates, to elves, to the dad next door, his voice versatility will give you exactly what you're looking for. Jim has also had a hand in writing copy helping to get United States Senators and Congressmen elected. And the ribs! Oh, my. Mouth watering good.

Here is why I specifically loved working with Jimbo: (1) He's really creative but he understands business. You don't find that very often. (2) His word is golden. (3) He’s very funny! We worked together for years, and I wish we could work together again.

— Holly McGowan, On Air Personality/Assistant Program Director/Music Director, CBS Radio/KYNG

For anyone looking for an out of the box, highly effective creative mind, Jim should head the list. He has proven to be innovative, team minded and content aware. His leadership abilities and team minded nature will be a benefit to any company in need of brand awareness and successful collaborative professionalism.

— W. Leon McWhorter, Former Executive Director of Programming, Disney ABC Television Group/Radio